Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Everyone at Sol Davis Printing would like to wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy and Blessed New Year! Please be generous to those who are less fortunate, and be safe attending holiday parties. Check out our Christmas card. Remember, ’tis the season of giving.

Let’s Go Rays!!!

Sol Davis Printing would like to congratulate the Tampa Bay Rays on making the playoffs. Now go out and destroy the Red Sox! GO RAYS!!!

English: Logo of the Tampa Bay Rays. Category:...

English: Logo of the Tampa Bay Rays. Category:Sports logos (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Be Careful What You Wish For

It never fails. Every time there is a lot of work I hear it. The ultimate in laziness. “We are too busy!” Or, “I can’t wait until we slow down again.” Or maybe, “Why can’t we just have steady work?” Steady work would be great but you have to appreciate the work you do have. Stop complaining! Being busy is a sing that there is at least some consumer trust in the company. That busy push could be the catalyst for steady work down the line. Be careful of what you wish for because lots of business in spurts is far better than no business at all.

The Joyous Rush

Everybody has a deadline. Even the most laidback customer is going to start asking questions after a week or so. Smart phones have put the world’s information instantly at our fingers, and we are trying to squeeze out every last drop. With digital printers, copy houses, and online printers, fast and easy is the name of the game. Somewhere along the way quality and customer service has fallen to the wayside. As a consumer try to keep in mind that the customer is always right. Don’t settle for inferior quality or unpleasant service just because you need the job in a rush. We will happily work around the clock to deliver the workmanship you require and the experience you deserve.

Make the Most of Your First Impression

Operating a small business is a difficult job. Trying to juggle employees and their attitudes, payroll, consumables, rising gas prices, building leases, insurance, customer service and I think my brain just exploded! Small business owners are often the HR, Production, Customer Service, Shipping & Receiving, AP/AR, and Marketing Departments. You don’t have time to waste. Handing out ugly or cluttered business cards is just that, a waste of time. Business cards are often the first impression of the business. It is a representation of the business. If it looks sloppy, it looks like you do sloppy work. If it looks unorganized, you look unorganized. Make sure that you don’t cut corners on the business card. You’ll be amazed at the way you’re perceived. Make sure you are expressing the first impression that truly represents your business and those cards will become an incredible tool in new sales and leads.

Versatility is the Key

The printing industry, as with life, is full of variables.  Customers are often indecisive and are always right.  Last minute changes and shortened deadlines are as common as a Florida summer shower.  The ability to react, readjust and resume is often what sets the best apart from the rest.  Complaining doesn’t produce results, hard work and perseverance do.  Always do your best and never give up.  Life is going to give you lemons, what we do with them is up to us.

Small pickled lemons - a Moroccan delicacy

Small pickled lemons – a Moroccan delicacy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Look at me!

How often do we get so wrapped up in what we are doing that we don’t look at people while they are talking to us. The task at hand may be very important or time sensitive, but that is no excuse for treating people as though they are not worth your time. Let’s all have some more respect for others and we will benefit as a society. Sol Davis Printing will always treat our customers with respect and honesty. God Bless.

Keep The Vendors You Can Trust

One of the most valuable assets, or biggest problems, for any business can be it’s vendors.  The relationship between business and supplier must be a strong one, formed with trust and accountability.  They are dependant on each other.  If one fails, they both fail.  If one succeeds, they both succeed.  Before jumping into business with another company, research them, talk to them, and really get to know them.  Sol Davis Printing is trustworthy and dependable.  Call us anytime or stop by for an impromptu tour.  We are here to help your company succeed.

Shaking hands symbol

Shaking hands symbol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Be Prepared

As with printing goes life. Be prepared. Good preparation leads to success. Without a structured plan, procurement of necessary goods, knowledgeable and experienced help, and  proper examination of possible pitfalls and remedies, failure becomes a possibility. As Benjamin Franklin once said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Words of wisdom from a former printer.

Portrait of Benjamin Franklin

Portrait of Benjamin Franklin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)